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The Various Options Of Concrete Resurfacing

There are many people that are thinking that the only solution to an old discolored or cracked concrete is to replace or remove it in order for your concrete surface to look more appealing. But you should know that there are actually more options to makeover a discolored or old concrete than just installing a new one after you will tear out the old concrete surface.

You need to know first if the surface is ideal for resurfacing.

Before you consider doing something, you need to make sure first that the concrete can be resurfaced. There are actually no difficult steps here. The only thing that you should do is to check and see to it that the concrete surface is still in sound condition. If there will be some deep, widespread, or large cracks, or some damage or heaving from thaw/freeze conditions, or if the soils have started to settle, then the concrete will not be suitable for resurfacing. You should look for a concrete professional to inspect the concrete surface if you do not have any idea on what to do.

This article will provide you with the various options for concrete resurfacing.

Overlays – this option has a number of types to produce different patterns. One of the choices are the stampable overlays that will copy how a natural stone or brick will appear. You also have the micro toppings that will provide you with a troweled textured or smooth finish. You can also choose the self-leveling overlays if you want a thick and smooth even surface. If you are looking for a skid-resistant, textured, and very durable concrete surface, then you should choose the spray down overlays.

Staining – this option will not only help you add a solid color to the concrete surface. Your concrete surface will also have a semitransparent color that will copy the look of polished marble or a stained wood because the stain will seep into the concrete.

Decorative stencils – you just need to place the stencil over the surface and apply a thin decorative coating if you want to create a stenciled concrete pattern. In order to produce the pattern that you are looking for, the stencil will show some parts of the concrete to the coating and will block the other parts.

Saw cutting – this option will help you produce different patterns onto the surface. After the concrete is hardened, it will saw cut. The pattern will be stained after that in order to create a contrast with the concrete.

Engraving or etching – you will be using special tools so that you can produce designs for the concrete surface. Since you will be carving the surface with a pattern, this method is a permanent resurfacing not like the overlays. You also can do staining or some striking results after.

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