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Where Technology shall Profit Humanity

Last year saw some huge leaps forward in the world of technology. This leads us to think of what is coming next. Technology seems poised to be both good and not so good things our way. Here are some of the areas we wish to see more effort put into.
Since there has been such a radical and often dangerous use of social media, it is expected that the government shall intervene to regulate its use. This shall be in an attempt to reduce the bad ways in which our private info has been exploited.
We also expect to see more space exploration runs. We managed as humanity to go deeper into space than we had ever done before. The need to know more about our solar system shall push us to go further than before.
We can also say that solar power usage shall increase this time. There have been discovered cheaper methods of producing the components needed to generate solar power. Therefore, more and more people shall adopt the use of solar power, which is much better for the environment than any other energy source.
Climate change also looks poised to receive its overdue attention. We have so far not given nature the care it deserves. We shall now see better results from the coming wave of change in the administrations involvement.
We also expect the recent advancements in the research on enhancing prosthetics shall lead to better interactions with these artificial limbs for the afflicted. There has been the development of brain-implanted electrodes that shall make controlling these limbs much easier and even possible for most people.
We will also finally manage to minimize the time we spend in front of our smartphone screens. These gadgets have acquired more functions, which has made their appeal all the more difficult to resist for most people. But there is a new trend of hands-free technology that shall see our need to stare at the screens less and less. Technology shall finally get to a more useful and less intrusive level.
There is also the hope that with the recent discovery of the influence of DNA on the spread of some diseases, we shall manage these deadly conditions much better. Early detection of the probability of catching some of those diseases through the study of DNA shall make for better preparedness and treatment of those conditions.
We are also yet to discover more areas in which technology and science can have a positive impact and lead to us living a more fulfilling and happier life than before. You can read more info on this site.